Friday, June 10, 2005

New in Refrigerated Cases

Emerald Valley: salsas, hummus and black bean dip being sold out of the salad case at the rear of the store. All are organic.
Wildwood baked tofu is replacing most of the Sunergia brand tofu's with the exception of the Sunergia Indian Masala flavor. Sunergia tofus are being replaced because of spoilage problems. Wildwood tofu comes in baked aloha, savory and teriyaki plus smoked teriyaki.
Wildwood soy smoothies have been added to the yogurt case. These smoothies are made of both organic soy milk and organic fruit. Wholesoy soy drinkables do not have organic fruit and the company has been having some production/quality problems. Wildwood flavors: key lime, berry, and vanilla.
Wallaby yogurts are also new in yogurt case: banana vanilla, blueberry, strawberry banana and vanilla.

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