Friday, May 08, 2015

Hello Everyone- 
More local produce this week. 
Beautiful bunched spinach, asparagus, rhubarb and radishes from Lancaster Ramps galore, from Hepworth, Regional Access, Irwin Mushrooms, and Angello's. 

Tomorrow we'll be getting the FIRST Organic Baby Arugula Cup for the season from Blue Moon. No more Satur. 
Local salad season will be in full bloom the first or second week of June. Organic Cantaloupe, Honeydew and watermelon started this week with surprising good flavor. 

We expect to see Florida sugar babies at some point next week. 

 Non-GMO corn is as sweet as it can be... Organic supplies are low and we will run out by the end of the weekend. 

Banana containers have been held at the port making it hard to ripe correctly or received the greener kind we like. Still this week we are in route to sell 13,200 pounds of bananas!!! 
Want more cool numbers? 
This week we'll sell almost 4000 strawberry cups and 4056 Broccoli Bunches... 

The organic Blueberries are AMAZING! and the apricots started with a bang, great taste and texture.

Georgia peaches and Cherries are right around the corner. 

California Valencia Oranges will be here next week. Celery prices continue to rise and availability is getting tight. 
You may see some PALE (or White) grapefruit here and there, they are Desert Grapefruit. 

 -Ambrosia Lady Alice 
To keep the members that like organic apples happy we have added Bagged Pink Lady. 
- Bartlet, but tried Pacham from Argentina. 
- Purple sweet potatoes 
- Campari Tomatoes, maybe... we haven't been able to find more information.  
- Mineolas 

- Cherry del Cabo.  
- Baby Spinach continue to have quality and mildew issues, we might run out of 1lb bags. 
- Mustard Greens 

 Happy Mothers Day!

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