Friday, March 06, 2015

The Sumo's are ending- otherwise known as Dekopon.  One of the most popular citrus varieties in all of Japan.  :( 

It's ok though, because the Tangelos are getting goooood! Joe Holtz said that they'd get good in March and, of course, he was right.  

What else is good in the world of citrus?  Navels.  Both the organic and non-organic are excellent.  

Allen says: "sure, those are all great, but forget about all other citrus except the Melogold."  

Let's talk cheap.  

We started the week with VERY cheap (and tasty) non-organic strawberries.  By the weekend we'll have sold over a pallet and a half of them- over 25 cases per day.  We tried to get more, but the price doubled, so we won't be ordering anymore for now.  

Organic Blackberries are very cheap and very good.  If you've been avoiding organic berries lately because of the price, now's the time to jump in.  

Let's talk pears...  USA bosc are done.  We're waiting for South America to come online. 

Organic Globe Grapes...  We ran out, but will get good quality on Monday.  

No More Oro Blanco, but it's ok, just eat the Melogold.  They're better, anyway.

Organic Grapefruit- we WILL run out this weekend.  The Florida grapefruit crop has been cut in half by citrus greening.  We will be able to get more from California on Tuesday.  

We have a different type of Mango.  It's from Puerto Rico and it's a mango called pango.

Trouble in salad land.  Word from the growers is that there are problems with mildew in some of the fields.  We had to soup a lot of spring mix (cups, bags and loose) this week because they were going bad well before the dates on the bags.  We do have some salads, including spinach and arugula, but there will be shortages this weekend.   

What else might we run out of this weekend?

-Bunched spinach
-Organic Shishito peppers
-Bok Choy
-Sweet peppers in cups

Organic Papaya will be back next week.  

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