Friday, October 05, 2012


Maybe that got your attention! It's been awhile since the frozen foods department made an appearance on here. Ahhh, it's good to be back.
Our biggest news is now we have LOCAL FROZEN SEAFOOD distributed by our new fish favorite, Gabe Stommel who has started a CSF (community supported fisheries) based out of Narragansett, RI. The sustainable seafood business can be quite difficult to keep up with, whether it's seasonal, farmed, wild or caught in your own backyard (not really). Gabe the Fish Babe prides itself on catching local, sustainable and seasonal seafood. They even have information on the boats they use as well as what each boat catches. pretty cool, right? As of now, you can find Blue fish (also known as Hatteras blue or horse mackerel) Scallops (caught off the coast of Georges Banks) Fluke (sushi grade!) Bonito (similar to tuna) What's even cooler about these fish as that when you pick up a vacuum sealed pack, you'll also find Gabe's information and a RECIPE for how to cook the fish. neato, right? i thought so too. So please, support our local fisheries and give Gabe a chance! In other news, our seasonal ice cream flavors are reappearing! Keep your eyes peeled for Adirondack and Blue Marble Pumpkin ice cream! that is all. for now.

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