Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1,200 turkeys. Don't mention it.

Yes. Well. People seem to want to eat turkeys at Thanksgiving, so I suppose we'd better lay in a few.

Today we have on hand 37 Wise Kosher Organic, ranging from 12-18 pounds, priced at $4.92 a pound. We also have 200 Plainvilles, same size range, at $2.79.

Tomorrow we get the Bell & Evans and Murray's turkeys. 8-24 lbs. $2.44.

Friday the excitement rises as we see the arrival of the Eberly Organic (perennial Coop fave, 8-24 lbs @ $4.31), and something new for us: 250 birds specially raised for us by the Amish poultrypersons at Countryboy Farm of Lancaster, Pa...part of the Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop ($2.72). No idea about the size range, since we bought their entire rafter.

We round things off on Monday, Nov. 22, with the extremely popular birds of Vermont's Stonewood Farm (12-20 lbs, $3.32), and -- for the third year -- the American Bronze heritage turkeys ($4.32) that Peter McDonald and his family grow for us up in the Finger Lakes, at McDonald Farm. Peter's solved the fox-in-the-henhouse problem this year, so we expect to receive the full 180 he started with last spring. Enough for all the heritage-fancying foodies in the Coop, we hope.

All these birds have been delivered FRESH, except for the kosher ones. And, needless to say, all are free-ranging, locally raised, hormone and antibiotic free.

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