Saturday, October 02, 2010

Brooklyn Salsa company

New salsas, locally made, riffing off the five boroughs theme. Brooklyn of course is hot, Manhattan is mild and pure, Staten Island mild and green, Queens medium and tropical and the Bronx burnt and hot. Make of that what you will. Their interpretation of salsa is sauce--and Queen's tropical is a curry sauce, not the standard corn chip dipping salsa.

The Brooklyn Salsa Co guys told us they were sourcing their tomatoes from Amy Hepworth this summer. Their website has recipes on how to use up that jar of salsa quickly--ranging from Buffalo burgers to Manhattan Michelada (1/2 jar salsa, can of Pabst Blue Ribbon + lime). Save the better beer to drink with the Buffalo burgers.

The salsa is made at Glen Industries. Their website says they provide opportunities for individuals with varying abilities. Brooklyn Salsa is currently sold on the back endcap, across from the poultry case.

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