Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Produce... fresh, mostly local

Just caught Allen, Coop's produce buyer, coming up from a quick shop downstairs. What is he buying? Cherries--both Rainier and red, although he thinks the red might be better. And lychees--now is the season for them. They are coming from Florida.

If you walk by the coop early in the morning, you'll see the produce trucks lining Union Street. Our produce is very fresh and there is lots to choose from. A few highlights from Allen and Julie:
  • corn from upstate NY from Amy's Hepworth's neighbor--grown under integrated pest management (IPM).
  • Amy's minimally treated yellow peaches
  • Amy's minimally treated apricots--small, slightly tart, but full of flavor
  • purple striped tomatillos for an intriguing salsa
  • burgundy snap beans from Lancaster county
  • blueberries exclusively packaged for the Park Slope Food Coop from Grindstone Farms, NY
  • gigantic striped Suyo cukes

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