Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pasteurized Goat Cheeses

The coop is offering two pasteurized goat milk cheeses (by request - you know who you are, pregnant ladies!).

The first is from Italy with a natural rind and a taste redolent of the Tuscan sun - Capra Valtellina. . . aged 4-6 months, flavorful, complex and great shaved in salads or enjoyed on its own.

Also available is Abrigo. It borrows the simple pressed curd recipe that is the Spanish idiom, and a traditional cheese form called tronchon. It makes the cheese look like it was stolen from a cathedral. The paste is verging on hard, and is very dense, with a salty, creamy flavor highlighted by a moldy note and a metallic tang.

Sampling commences immediately!

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