Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truffle Cheese Mania

New in this week - Pecorino Tartufo - typical of the Umbrian region of Italy, combining sheep's milk with aromatic truffle shavings to make a unique and delicious cheese. Pair Pecorino Tartufo with a Chianti Classico

"Sottocenere" translates to "under ash" because covering cheese in ashes is a traditional Venetian way of preserving cheese. This particular cheese has herbs and spices added to the ash, like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, fennel, licorice, and coriander, all which add to the cheese's flavor. Studded with slices of white and black truffles and rubbed with truffle oil, the semi-soft cheese is supple and aromatic.

Cypress Grove, the Humboldt County goat-cheese producer that makes the wildly successful Humboldt Fog, celebrates its 25th anniversary in business this year. And with that milestone comes a new product from this creative enterprise, a truffled goat cheese christened Truffle Tremor.

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