Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Frozen Stuff

For our gluten free friends: individual pizzas from Foods by George and apple cinnamon waffles from Van's.
For the kids (and grownups who like their food in the shapes of stars and dinosaurs and such): Broccoli Littles from Dr. Praeger. They are similar to the Dr. Praeger pancakes but smaller and way more awesome.
For our
burrito buddies: Spicy Tofu and Potato burrito from Phill's Fresh Foods. They're bigger than Amy's burritos and Kevin says they're pretty darn good.
For the raw ice cream lovers: raw, vegan ice creams from the Raw Ice Cream Company. This guy Mark makes it here in NY and it's pretty great stuff. Right now we have chocolate, mint chip, and vanilla.
New fruits and veggies: Blueberries and cauliflower from Stahlbush Island Farms. Sustainable stuff from an island in Oregon. They seem like good folks.

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