Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Offerings in the Meat Department

We've got a new supplier of naturally raised, antibiotic-free pork: Aberdeen Hill Farm.

They're providing us with lots of surprises in addition to the pork chops, roasts and cuts that we actually order.

Look in the meat case at the back of the Coop for:

Hot Dogs (beef & pork)
Ham Hocks
Irish Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Hot Italian Sausage
Neck Bones
and Lard (at $2.99/.lb, look for the sign)


Also, for those of you interested in the latest on Dine's Farm, we're still waiting for them to get federal approval for their processing plant for mammalian meat. We're able to get their chickens, but we have to wait for them to get through this approval process before we can carry products from their cows and pigs.

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