Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yogurt News

From Sarah Beek, the Coop's yogurt orderer:

Some of our members (especially the kids) may have noticed the absence of Stonyfield Farm’s Banilla and Strawberry flavors in the quart size, as well as the O’Soy baby 6-packs. It turns out that Stonyfield is building a new plant and due to some “engineering snafus”, they have been unable to keep up with production on those items. Look for the O’Soy in May and the return of the Banilla and Strawberry quarts at the end of June.

Also, Stonyfield told us that they were unable to source enough organic milk to keep their nonfat products organic. (They haven’t been organic for some time.) They have plans to change this however, and are taking an active role in convincing farmers to go organic. Their long-term goal is to once again have an organic line of nonfat yogurts. (But it might take years.)

Sick of Stonyfield? They may be the largest but they definitely are not the only producer of organic yogurt. Check out Butterwork Farms, Hawthorne Valley Farms, and Seven Stars Dairy, all local, and without the stabilizers and fewer of the sugars that Stonyfield generally uses.

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