Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fresh Alaskan salmon flying of the shelf

Neilu just added fresh salmon fillets, shipped to us direct from Anchorage. It is being sold out of the lower poultry case, below the smoked salmon. Enjoy it while you can--fresh catch season only lasts about two months. We sold almost 100 lbs the first week and most of you didn't even know we had it. She plans on doubling our order this week. It is now $7.64/lb.
Wildcatch follows the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental standards
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Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the salmon. It says its wild, but that its raised on fisheries. I try to avoid farm-raised salmon because of the mercury found in them. Wild salmon, supposedly, does not have this problem. Can I be assured that the fresh salmon being sold doesn't have high levels of mercury? Do we know that?

Anonymous said...

Don't know a thing about the mercury but that salmon was like the wild alaska salmon I remember from the west coast. Do we still have it? YUM

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anna said...

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