Sunday, March 20, 2005


Redwood Hill never has enough goat milk during the winter months to meet the demand for their yogurt. It is the birthing season & the (goat) kids come first.

Organic Valley is not always able supply enough milk for their products--most notably butter and lactaid milk.

Knudsen juice packs I received notice weeks ago that juice for some of Knudsen's popular lunch packs was in short supply. Smucker owns Knudsen, After the Fall and Santa Cruz. Earlier in the year, Smucker discontinued the After the Fall lines of juice packs and spritzers. We still have the Santa Cruz, Apple & Eve, and Vruit juice packs. Horizon has recently introduced some organic juice packs, which we will substitute for Knudsen. I anticipate that the Knudsen juices will return--not sure how far in the future.

There isn’t enough organic meat available, especially in the winter, to meet our members’ needs.

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