Sunday, March 20, 2005


Oranges. The temple orange crop is finished for the year. Temple oranges have a lot going against them--hard to peel, full of seeds, but all that is overruled by the delicious, slightly tart flavor that makes them a staff favorite. Tangelos and blood oranges remain in good supply.

Apples. Allen thought Mutsu apples were no longer available, but Amy Hepworth, our upstate apple grower, just opened another storage room and they'll be back this week. Allen also recommends trying Pink Lady--crisp like a Fuji but a little tart. Fuji is our most popular minimally treated apple and Gala #1 of the organic apples.

Vegetables. Lacinata kale is the hands down winner of the greens available. It is easy to prepare and cooks quickly. I strip and discard the main vein, chop greens and put in a pan with a crushed dried hot pepper, a little olive oil, salt & a little water. It remains a rich, deep green unless seriously overcooked.

Beets with tops have been beautiful, organic cauliflower and fennel are available but pricey. Lady Moon organic grape tomatoes are so delicious--should be at $3.93 (and the price may continue to rise).

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