Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thanksgiving, by the numbers!

For the 2 week period (a few exceptions are noted) ending 11/30, the Sunday after Thanksgiving we sold:

15,000 lbs Minimally treated Apples, not including..
5,700 lbs of Honeycrisp
1,768 5lb boxes of Clementines (only had for 12 days)
800 3lb bags of Halos (only had 7 days)
325 5lb boxes of organic Mandarin Satsuma (only had y days)
5400 lbs organic Lemons
10,100 Avocados
17,600 lbs organic Bananas (this is our annual low! 20,000 is more typical)
1,616 bags organic Cranberries
1,989 bags conventional Cranberries
2,220 Pomegranates
3,228 lbs of various organic Baby Greens
900 bags of organic Green Beans (with occasional out of stocks)
1,700 lbs conventional Green Beans
2,750 lbs of organic Cabbages
6,533 lbs of all Brussels Sprouts
9,668 lbs Carrots
4,172 lbs of various organic Cauliflowers
5,000 lbs of organic Celery
1,100 bunches of Collards
6,024 bunches of various organic Kales
4,060 lbs of Mushrooms
10,250 lbs of Onions
3,270 bunches of Parsley
12,400 lbs of organic Potatoes
1,150 lbs of organic Parsnips (which was not enough)
6,195 lbs of organic Winter Squash, not including...
3,220 lbs of organic Butternut
11,040 lbs of organic Sweet Potatoes
1,560 pints of local organic Cherry Tomatoes (yes, local-thank you, Hepworth Farms!)

We're still counting the herbs....

We sold an approximate total of 12,875 cases of produce, 
more than one per minute , 
every minute that we were open, weighing 257,500 lbs.
Thank you, thank you receiving coordinators and receivers who lifted all of these tons (over and over and over again). Bravo!

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