Friday, November 08, 2013


Organic Valley 1-pound butters
(Cultured Un-salted & Salted) are temporarily out-of-stock from our distributor! If our current supply runs out, try their European Style or Pastured Butter. These are organic, same quality product, smaller package (8 oz.).  

Kerrygold Salted Butter:

There is a global shortage of this beloved Irish grass-fed butter. BUY IT NOW because once our current supply runs out it could be months before we have it again. There is no shortage of the Kerrygold Unsalted, which the Irish Dairy Board suggests is a good substitute for holiday baking. 

Sunrise Family Farms Butter is no longer being made. We are sad to see it go, but we will do our best to bring in a comparable locally-made grass-fed table butter.

Immaculate Baking Pie Crusts!
Back in stock for the Holiday Pie Baking season! Refrigerated -- in the Butter Case.  

Frozen Pie Crusts!
In the Ice Cream Case! Lots & Lots!

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