Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blue Moon Acres local spring mix

Spring has arrived, and with it our renewed support of Blue Moon Acres.  We have been enjoying their local Spring Mix for the last couple of years (coming from Albert's Organics), but now are happy to buy directly.  Blue Moon Acres is a family owned and run operation providing some of the best Spring Mix we see throughout the year.  Below are a few words from Rebecca (of Blue Moon) on what makes it so delicious:

"We devote so much thought and energy into crafting a healthy soil evironment for the greens to grow in, as soil itself is literally the bed from which the greens grow....We've updated the blend that is Blue Moon Acres Spring Mix 2013.  You'll notice more volume and color as well as a much broader array of greens than in past years (11 different greens total.)"

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