Friday, December 07, 2012

Paglierina for your holiday party!!

Now only $4.24!!

“Paglierina” cheese. A luscious cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy. For some background….In Italian, Piedi (pie) means “foot” and Montania (Monte) means “Mountains”. Thus, the name Piemonte (also known as Piedmont). This region,entirely surrounded by land, is at the foot of the Alps and borders France and Switzerland on Italy’s Northwest edge. Piedmont is surrounded by majestic Alpine peaks, hills, cities, farmland and picturesque vineyards. The rich soil in the highlands and plains is said to be ideal grazing grounds for dairy cows. This must explain the incredible taste of this cheese, indeed! Interestingly, Piemonte was part of Royalty until the middle of the 19th century during which time the French occupation was said to have left and undeniable impact on the regions cusine, characterized by the “opulence of the nobility and the simplicity of the peasant”.

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