Friday, September 07, 2012

Produce notes from Allen......150 Local Items!

Just in time for the canning season, Amy Hepworth has agreed to fantastic price on her organic Plum Tomatoes.  They are $1.02 per pound or $24.20 for a 25 pound box.  Here's a view of our largest Tomato display ever, and it doesn't include round red and orange, or the red yellow and orange Plum Tomatoes.  In the back on the left are the mini Heirloom cups.

New items this week:

  • Organic Carambola (Starfruit)
  • Organic Galia Melons
  • Minimally treated Red Bartlett Pears
  • Minimally treated Devoe Pears.  The Devoe Pear, which can also be found at farmer's markets, has a French sounding name, and the Pear does suggest an elegant, classic old world Pear.  It was in fact developed by Amy Hepworth's dad who must have had a flair for marketing.
  • We have two new organic Pluots, the Green Goose and the Flavor Fall.  On Monday we will have our first arrival of Flavor Grenade.
  • We have our first "fall" harvest of local organic Barack-olli.
  • Baby Brussels Sprouts return from Holland, and adult Brussels Sprouts return from California.
  • We have a small supply of organic Cardoons (Cardoni). They are the same species as globe Artichokes, and steamed or braised, have a similar flavor.
  • Organic local Cauliflower
  • Enoki Mushrooms (Brown and White Beech, and King Trumpet coming Monday)
  • Organic Red Kabocha and Buttercup Squash
  • Organic Pumpkins for cooking
  • Organic bunched Japanese Turnips
  • Organic Habanero Peppers
  • We have finally found loose and bagged Russet Potatoes that are good enough for the Park Slope Food Coop

Very, very busy as we are entering the peak of the harvest and no more time to write.
Allen Zimmerman - Produce Buyer - General Coordinator

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