Friday, July 20, 2012

Tour of Brooklyn Brine

So, yesterday I heard that Brooklyn Brine had moved their facility into our backyard - 4th and President St. - so I thought I'd take a ride over and see what's going on. Seamus Jones, the brineologist, was gone for the day so I chatted with Roxanne as she stuffed beets into jars. Everything is still done by hand right there in the small warehouse.
Pickles fresh from the water bath left to cool. All of the cucumbers are locally sourced (hence the great push to get things in jars right now).
You can pick up your favorite pickles right there . . . plus some in store only specials. There was maple bourbon pickle relish while I was there. Looked great.
Maple Bourbon pickles waiting for the brine.

So yeah, Brooklyn Brine pickles are available here on the rear endcap across from the chicken or go check out the store/brinery on President between 3rd and 4th.

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