Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"NUTS!" *

Coop Walnut Secret Released 
A short musing by Joe Holtz

Conventionally grown Walnuts in the shell often have an almost bitter harsh taste.  We suspect that this sad state is a result of premature harvesting in order to reduce crop loss and perhaps have the nuts in a state where they can successfully withstand the processing nedded to remove the soft outer husks that we city folks never see, and also to turn them into a uniform bleached looking commodity.  We suspect a harch process here.

But our Organic Walnuts in the shell from Ferrari Farm in California taste rich full bodied and often sweet.  we suspect that they are truly ripened on the tree  We further suspect the process for removing the outer husk is far less harsh, resulting in a non-uniform darkish look.  We are lucky to get these.  We have purchased the final 1000lbs at reduced price.  Don't tell these secrets because our sales of 100lbs a week could skyrocket and make them go away until next November.

While you're at it, try the Organic Pecans in the shell.  Not only are they tasty and nutritious, but they have a long history in our region.  "Pecan" is from an Algonquian word, meaning a nut requiring a stone to crack.  They were highly regarded for their flavor, accessability (as they often grew on waterways), and they're caloric content (2-4 times that of the local wild game).  Colonial settlers learned this and soon went about planting the first cultivars on Long Island in 1772.  Settlers took seeds and continued planting as they moved further south and west.  Today the US produces between 80-95% of the world's pecans.  The delicious variety that we currently have are grown in the great state of Missouri.  

*Attributed to General Anthony Clement McAuliffe upon his defeat Battle of Bastogne, Belgium - December 1944