Saturday, July 30, 2011

New products, changes.....

Hail Merry tarts are new in the Deli case, next to Steve's Key Lime Pies--flavors are chocolate and key lime. Raw, vegan, gluten-free--what are the ingredients? In the chocolate tart, just dark cocoa, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic maple syrup, almond flour, sea salt. They are not organic. But they are flying out of the Coop. Quite tasty, small, but substantial enough to share. Other Hail Merry products including granola and lightly sweetened nuts are on the endcap across from the eggs.

Newman's Own has joined the steady stream of manufacturers who have downsized their products, citing the price increase in flour, sugar, oil, chocolate and freight. In addition, you might not recognize them as they have changed both the packaging and the recipes for some of their cookies. So far, it has been thumbs down on Newman's reformulated alphabet cookies. However, staff has given a thumbs up to two new cookies from Newman's Own: crispy, spicy gingersnap with a lot of snap and oatmeal chocolate chip. In unattractive brown bags, 7A

Theo has two new chocolates: a salted almond milk chocolate and a dark chocolate coconut. Theo chocolates have never done well at the Coop. They are organic, Fair Trade, and reasonably priced. Maybe it is an East Coast vs West Coast thing--if you are ever in Seattle, you can visit their factory.

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