Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheese tasting opportunities.

This weekend we will be trying to sample three great cheeses from Europe: Two Italian and 1 French. 2 Goat and one Cow. 2 natural flavored and one with bits of stuff in it. OK, enough . . .


Its nick name "Tour Eiffel" comes from its pyramid shape and its squared-off top. Not the easiest one to cut into pieces but, by far one of the most beautiful one on a cheese-board.

Named from a small town in the Berry area, there are two other goat cheeses from this same area: Valencay and Levroux. Enjoy with the classic wine pairing of Sancerre for an "out of body" experience.

Capra Valtellina

High in the mountains dividing Italy from Switzerland lie shepherds who have been herding goats and making cheese there for centuries. Capra Valtellina is made by a small producer in this area.

Capra Valtellina is complex with a long finish, a little nutty and a little herbal.


Try a slice of Juni, an Italian cow’s milk cheese filled with crushed dried juniper berries – the same botanicals used to give gin its distinctive flavor.

Juni is made in the upper valleys of the Beilla area of Piedmont in Italy at a family-run creamery that has been in operation for four generations and sources milk from local farmers who raise an obscure and ancient breed of cow – the Pezzata Rossa d’Oropa. But for this cheese, this breed of cow may not exist.

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