Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Holiday Turkey Arrival News!

Buy your 2009 turkey early!!! Why? Because veteran Coop Thanksgiving shoppers know they need to pick theirs early to get EXACTLY the size and style they want. The smaller birds sell out especially quickly.

All turkeys are delivered fresh, except for the frozen Wise Kosher Organic. All are free-range, locally raised, hormone-and antibiotic-free. Some are from smaller farms than others, though NONE are raised by those evil farmers you read about in the papers. Some are certified organic. See listings by date for details.

Tuesday, November 17
FROZEN, Wise Kosher Certified Organic (Pennsylvania)
10 to 24 lbs., $4.85 lb.

Thursday, November 19
Bell & Evans (New Jersey)
8 to 26 lbs., $2.31 lb.

Friday, November 20
Plainville Farms Pasture-raised (New York)
16 to 24 lbs., $2.75 lb.

Eberly Certified Organic (Pennsylvania)
8 to 24 lbs., $4.25 lb.

Koch Certified Organic (Pennnsylvania)
8 to 24 lbs., $3.96 lb.

Monday, November 23
McDonald Farm Heritage Breed (American Bronze) (New York)
12 to 26 lbs., $4.26 lb.

Stonewood Farm Pasture-raised (Vermont)
12 to 20 lbs., $3.12 lb.

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