Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's chilly! It's chili!

So I know it's not that cold yet but it will be soon and you need to be prepared. You can't expect to make it through your day in a freezer fueled by salads and berries anymore. You need a good warm meal if you want to even have a chance of getting through the frigid months ahead. What is the best weapon in this war on cold? CHILI! Normally I would suggest putting a big pot on the fire and making your own. Such practices build character and are good for the community (don't be selfish, you need to share the pot of chili) but when you have Manhattan Chili Co. at your finger tips, I say go for it. Less time in the kitchen means more time fighting the good fight!

Currently there are three different kinds to try, with the possibilities of more to come in the future. High Plains Turkey is a medium heat chili filled with tomatoes, corn, and white beans. Totally Vegetable is a mild vegan offering with kidney beans, bell peppers, corn and peas. Finally, we have Ginger Chicken. Ginger Chicken? We were also a bit skeptical about this one. "What is this impostor doing here? This stuff has ginger and mushrooms in it. We were given strict orders to eat chili!" After extensive testing and research, we have approved this chili for deployment to your bellies. Eat well, smile at your friends and most importantly, stay warm.

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