Friday, November 14, 2008


For those with Thanksgiving in mind:

First of all, don't forget your pie crusts. That stuff can take a lot of time out of your turkeyday. We have Oronoque deep dish pie crusts and we also have the organic Wholly Wholesome crusts . If all that chopping or pumpkin can opening isn't in your plans, we have Vermont Pie Company ready to bake apple pie and Wholly Wholesome vegan pumpkin pie.

For the vegetarians who will not be dinning on turkey, the Tofurkeys and Quorn Turkey Style Roasts are back.

Finally, our ecologically minded friends at Stahlbush Farms have brought us sustainably grown Cranberries.

For those with tamales on the mind:

This is big folks! Pork has found it's way into the freezer! Single serve, organic tamales from El Bravo in Chicken Mole and Red Chili Pork varieties.

For the kids:

So I was trying to fill some space in the waffle section and Kevin suggested Belgian waffles. I thought this was a great idea but it turns out the product was discontinued. Boo. While I was searching though, I came across Van's Mini Chocolate Chip Waffles. I think they're gonna be big.

For the fans of fish:

North Pacific, wild caught salmon. Though this product hails from China, it has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. It is skinless and at $2.14 for eight ounces, is a steal compared to Henry and Lisa's salmon.

For those wondering where the Raw Ice Cream Co. ice cream went:

The chocolate came back this week and Mark, the owner, tells me that more flavors will be coming soon. There was a delay while he upgraded his facilities and staff, but he assures me that we'll be getting a steady supply again.

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