Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's up with my YOGURT?

Good new for all of the fans of the formerly Woodstock Water Buffalo yogurt. It's back and it's new name is Bufala di Vermont. We currently have plain, maple, and raspberry. The luscious cappuccino and black currant flavors are not being made at this time but, a rep from the company hinted that cappuccino would be the next flavor on the roster once they get their operation at cruising altitude.

We're also bringing some of the delicious Ronnybrook products from upstate into the case. Look for peach and blackberry drinkables as well as peach and coconut yogurts.

And lastly, Dahlicious Mango Lassi has made a big splash in the drinkable section, check it out, there are little bits o mango inside.

Bad news is that Siggi's Skyrr yogurt continues to be out of stock. They have been having production problems that apparently are taking a while to resolve. We order Siggi's twice a week, so, as soon as it's available we will have it.


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