Wednesday, June 18, 2008

(Local) Cheese Update

So, I'm going to try and give an update of the cheeses every week. Please don't hold me to it.

This week we've got some great new(ish) local cheeses from NY state and Vermont.

First up are three great cheeses from West River Creamery in Londonderry, Vermont. The first, named after the town it's made in, is the Londonderry English-style Farmhouse Cheddar. Raw Milk, aged in cloth - good stuff. 2nd is an old favorite, Three Mountain - also raw milk, but washed-rind and creamy delicious. Also available is a Pre-cubed marinated Feta in oil (which I double-bagged for your protection!) and herbs. We tried some today and the verdict was unanimous. . .amazing!

From upstate (well, Poughkeepsie) New York are two cheeses that we've known and loved from Sprout Creek Farm. Ouray is an earthy buttery cheese with sweet floral flavor and edible rind. And Batch 35: smooth, with an open texture - pungent, and earthy. A crisp coppery rind sheaths a straw colored interior of this smear-ripened cheese. Also try the Sophie - a goat milk cheese that will blow your mind.

In the Pre-packaged section of the case look for Green Hill from Sweet Grass Dairy, a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, soft-ripened with a white bloomy rind.

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