Thursday, June 14, 2007

New flavored Equal Exchange Coffees

Look for Equal Exchange French Vanilla and Hazelnut Creme, in Aisle 5B on the shelves below the packaged tea. We are only carrying this coffee ground in vacuum sealed packages. When we sold the flavored beans, members would grind it in our one coffee grinder, inevitably leaving behind aromatic traces that 99% of our members do not like. These are Fair Trade, but not organic, coffees.

Coffee grinding tips:
1) Select the type of grind before you add the beans. Very important.
2) Put the tabbed side of the bag at the back and make sure it raises the lever.
3) When it stops grinding, gently tap the machine so that all of your beans go through and all of the grounds are in your bag. This is also important. No one wants to buy someone else's choice and a lot of coffee is wasted and goes into the tray below.
4) And thanks for putting up with our pesky coffee grinder--it is overburdened by the volume we grind each day, especially by users who do not know how to properly use the machine. We've been told that a more heavy duty grinder than the one we already have does not exist.

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